Lunar Essence ~ Virgo Full Moon Vibes

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The theme and magic it holds....

higher love and ideals

cosmic vibrations

connection and compassion

healing, nurture, nourishment


honoring beauty within

A beautiful blend of sandalwood, basil, lavender, bergamot + rhodonite crystal chips, infused into hand collected, high vibrational spring water, charged under the magic of the moon.

This mystic moon spray will offer you a beautiful spiritual boost during your day while cleansing the auric body. Mist yourself with intentions of high vibrations + love. Mist your home, office, car and linens with compassion. Mist your space before you begin ritual or meditation to infuse cosmic vibrations. Offer aid to your love spells.

The rhodonite will stimulate, clear, and activate the heart chakra, giving your soul the love it deserves. 

Product is packaged in a 4oz glass bottle and will last up to 12 months if stored in room temperature. Shake well before each use!