LUNAR ESSENCE ~ New Moon Solar Eclipse

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Lunar Essence Special Edition 
Charged under the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini on 6/10.
A lot of transformation, shifts, and intense energy has been taking place the past few weeks. Saturn and Mercury both in retrograde, last month's lunar eclipse on 5/26, now the new moon solar eclipse arriving in the sign of gemini may have made for some rather chaotic times. 
This is a blend formulated for balance, grounding + clarity. Myrrh, an herb of the Moon, especially the Dark Moon will assist in emotional balance, and bring a calm + relaxing energy. Rosemary gives vigour, strength, courage and mental clarity. Pine is ideal for times of adversity, and will help bring healing and insight to situations you may be struggling with. This blend of magic is mixed together with chakra balancing crystals chips to bring all the vibes gently into alignment for you + create a perfect blend for each use.
This mystic moon spray will offer aid to spells and rituals involving grounding, healing, prosperity, and attracting positive energy! It will offer you a beautiful spiritual boost during your day while cleansing the auric body.

Use this spray to balance + clear  energy throughout your home, spritz good vibes onto your bedding, or use before you begin ritual, ceremony,
or meditation to infuse with these cosmic vibrations.
Product is packaged in a 4oz glass bottle and will last 12 months or longer if stored in room temperature.
gently swirl before each use.