Collection: Mystic Sprays

Room, linen, + aura mist. 

Hand harvested high vibrational spring water, charged under the full moon, infused with a witch hazel hydrosol, sacred herbs, oils + crystals. Bottled up with LOVE for you! 

Each batch will be unique seasonally, with intentions derived from the moon it was charged under, and corresponding herbs to assist you into alignment with the seasonal energy. 

This product is intentionally designed to lift your spirits up, calm, ground, and bring some good vibes into your space, clear your meridian, and bring a cleansing and uplifting feeling when used. 

Each bottle is packaged in a glass 4oz bottle, and will last up to 12 months if stored in room temperature. keep out of direct sunlight. 


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  • Wild Flora Perfume and Ritual Oil
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